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Tech Support Guidelines:

Over the history of the Q330 project, our software updates add new features and correct any known problems. Therefore, one of the best things you can do to keep your Q330 running optimally, and to take advantage of new features, is to keep its firmware and support software up to date. This includes the firmware for any devices connected to the Q330, such as the Baler. When you discover a problem, we strongly recommed updating to the latest software versions first, before reporting it, as the problem may already be corrected. If the problem persists after the update, then contact tech support. Subscribe to our mailing list to be informed of software updates.

Please provide clear and complete information on a problem when requesting technical support. Missing information that is necessary for our analysis will require us to contact you to obtain the information, delaying problem resolution. Not all of the information in the description section below is necessary for each analysis - some of it, maybe most of it, will probably not apply to your case. Use your judgement, but do not worry about sending us too much information.

As an example, say someone contacted us and stated that their Q330 was not offloading data to its Baler, and that was all they said. This problem could be caused by either device, the cables, or the power source. We would ask:

Sometimes it can be helpful to save your existing parameters using configuration cloning, load the factory default parameters for your type of Q330 (3-channel, 6-channel, HR), save to EEPROM, and reboot, to see if that restores normal operation.

It is usually best to send your support requests to so your request can be properly addressed and tracked in a timely fashion. They are routed from there to the best qualified person available to analyze the problem. Sending an email directly to a contact at Quanterra or Kinemetrics may result in significant delays if that person is in the field or otherwise unavailable - your email may languish in their inbox until their return.

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Last updated 2018-11-07